Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Indian youth and career choice

School results are out this week. Many of the students are aspiring to take up higher education in search of a career. Those who have obtained good marks,some ten percent of them will get into Professional courses such as Engineering and Medical, remaining majority of them would not know what courses and career to pursue. In the last week TV programme which sought questions from those students who are in doubt about their choices more than five thousand questions came,I believe in just a few hours after the announcement!

The key factor in deciding is not the parental or social expectation,not the pressures,not the lucrative jobs out there,not even the availability but YOU, my young friends. There is no need to feel low on the poor marks obtained or not able to get into Professional courses, the success in life does not depend on such things.There are many top ranking students failing miserably in life and many with average marks doing extraordinary in later life. Nor the career in Engineering or Medical is all that rosy always.Many who passed such Professional courses even with good credits have joined other profession later on such as Civil Services and even those who are in those profession many have low job satisfaction. What contributes to success is not the marks, the high profile jobs but YOU my friends; your talent, your behaviour, your personality on the job.

Experience yourself, make it a daily habit. As you engage in several activities-studies,sports,entertainment,culture, relationships and so on-turn one "eye" within yourself and feel yourself. Some courses/a chapter in a curriculum,some activity, does something to you within: a deep relaxation and pleasant alertness at once! That is YOU my folks.(Or for the current use recollect the happiest moments in your life so far and relate them to those situations/people/activities). Pursue those activities, take courses on it and develop your true self, carry people around to that and make that your career.Then you are on the road to creativity and success resulting in not merely satisfaction/happiness but with peace within and all around you as well.

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