Monday, September 11, 2017

Of Crime, Government and Investigation

Of Crime, Government and Investigation.

People of eminence are shot dead. Investigation into crime is ordered by the Government through its agencies (like CID, SIT). Investigation goes on and on, years after years and yet no report sees the light of the day. Is our Police so inefficient, their training is of so very poor quality or passed them and got into their positions thereon through bribes(cf. KPSC and VYAPAM scams)? Or, even if there are efficient ones they are either sidetracked or coerced to act in a particular way including delaying the process? Of course, there are cases where police have acted swiftly and brought the culprit to book in weeks, however rare such cases may be. Yet, it is only half the story. The other half belong , in both the cases of their success and failure, it appears, to the agencies' boss, the Government. Revelation or not of the findings or even proceeding with the investigation depend on its advantage to the Party in governance.

When the so called leftist wing is in charge of the government, if the investigation's initial findings reveal the hand of other than rightist elements, its finding is not allowed to conclude or investigation itself is not proceeded with till the election is over so that it can take advantage of the people's suspicion and keep on blaming the rightist element for the killing and use it to its advantage during election canvas. However, if the initial finding reveal rightist element in the murder, investigation is proceeded with God's speed and the culprit is booked soon. Similarly, if the so called rightist wing is in Power, investigation hints at leftist element in the killing, investigation is proceeded speedily and all action is taken to its end; however, if investigation hints at rightist element in the crime, the investigation is either buried or delayed till the election to take advantage to blame the opponent.

Search for truth, 'intellectuals' including media bemoaning, people's aspiration hardly matters for politicians on these matters at these times as they know that it has no bearings, like the corruption, on people's voting during election.

Only, people's faith in the time honoured institutions get weakened paving way for anarchy and even mutinies by such action of politicians in Power.