Tuesday, March 6, 2012

India's Crisis: Missing Alternatives

The Election results in the largest State of the Country, Uttar Pradesh, throws up issues that may be a harbinger of things to come in the future of our Country. Congress Party has been relegated to the last position, next only to Independents. Congress unlikely to win in any State in these days as long as Rahul, Sonia and the Dynasty rule is at the helm, they have been consistently either cornering or silencing or shunting out all merited and capable leaders in the Party as they would be a challenge to their hegemony. The voters have now dismantled BSP/Mayavati's long rule probably because of her over ambition, self aggrandizement style and neglect after coming to power of those section of people and issues that made her win election. On BJP there, less said the better as the people have seen it all the kind of mayhem they did when they were ruling. Mulayam Singh's SP, although their rule earlier was not that good and yet is chosen now perhaps hoping that a fairly long absence from the Rule there would have made the party learn some lesson and changed for the better. Yet  the Party's icon, its President, the suave and the sober Akhilesh Yadav, a good postgraduate in environmental engineering( B. E from JCE, Mysore and M.S. from University of Sydney, Australia ) would also be equally good in sociopolitical engineering for the good of the people at large remains to be seen as that Party too has fielded and won many goons in the Elections who would be waiting for their pound of flesh to fatten their(not the people's) belly. In any case, people had no options, and that is the issue here. The people of India has been showing in every General Election an extraordinary wisdom in throwing out the rulers who are not working for the good of people at large. Yet, their exercise of wisdom will be highly tested in the days to come what with every option/alternative available is worse than the other.