Tuesday, August 21, 2007

India's Sinister Left !

Left Parties with so called Communist Ideologies are a despicable lot and their sinister designs on the Nation seem unbounded.They are said to follow an ideology which has been cast off long ago by its founding father nations such as Russia and China as it failed miserably in practice and totally out of tune with the times.If the Left ruling on its own for a long,long time in one of the State in India the whole world knows how,not by its ideology but muscle power!

Communists are not the sole authority on Marx or Lenin and in fact they can be even accused of misusing Marx.Marx belong to the whole world, its rich heritage and treasure.Marx's ideology has opened the eyes of several generations of people and even today he should be a phase in one's life,I have undergone that stage myself and I am all the more better off because of it.He added a new sensitivity in living life. He brought millions of people who were downtrodden and exploited by the 'haves'to enjoy the fruit of civilisation.Marx has influenced me as much as Ambedkar who also played a similar role befitting the Indian context unlike the Communist's ironing out everything to a mythical universal context of human culture.Again Ambedkar is not the leader of Dalits alone but mine and the nation 's too.Ambedkar echoed the spirit of the times like Marx.Yet these great men's ideology can not be said to constitute totality of the reality for all time to come.Truth is multifaceted and has multiple level at any given time.

The Communist in India, as all the Communist elsewhere in the world at the time of their rule,are unjustifiably dogmatic and authoritarian. They use, at the drop of the hat, such terms as scientific,dialectic materialism and so on whose meaning has been changed drastically by the discoveries in science now. Yet Communists are either not aware of these advances in knowledge and times or tend to ignore it as otherwise their whole edifice will collapse.

Take the present case of Indo-US Nuke deal which the Left is opposing and there is a threat of they withdrawing their support to the Government too.The Deal addresses rather effectively one of the urgent and major need of the Country namely,energy.We have achieved tremendous growth especially in the last one decade and we are even said to be marching towards becoming one of the super powers of the world in a decade or two.We can not afford to slacken in our pace of progress at this point in time.Moreover,we are committed in unequivocal terms for the use of nuclear devices for peaceful purposes.Further we are proud of our democracy and would spare no efforts in upholding our sovereignty of the Country and nonalignment in foreign affairs.The best of experts assure us that the present nuclear deal with US do not come in the way of those nurtured values and practices.What then is Left's grouse?Grab Power in the next hustings by embarrassing the Government now and accusing it as working against the interest of the nation.The hackneyed terms the Communist use like American Capitalism and its Imperialistic policies for which they are opposing the Deal does not hold water in the light of the deal not affecting our policies and programmes.

India is a great nation.Its people have shown time and again in every Election a wisdom in their choice.No one can take our people granted. People can not be fooled least of all by those who live on alien and borrowed ideology found not suitable anywhere in the world.People are well aware how the the Communist have run the government both in this country as elsewhere in the world.They perpetuated worst kind of bureaucratic rule riddled with corruption, terrorising and exploiting the common people.It is time that our Communists stop working against the interest of Indian people.

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