Monday, September 22, 2008

Minister on Education and Politics

Minister for Higher Education in Karnataka, Aravind Lmbavali, said recently that teacher should not do Politics and if they want to do, let them quit the job and contest election. Fair enough. But, same thing should apply to politicians too. Universities can thrive academically when they are given full autonomy and allowed to manage by academicians only. But, Government do not part with their control and often directly interfere with the affairs of the Universities. Sending political party functionaries who are not educationist at all as University Syndicate members even when the KSU Act stipulates that only "eminent educationist" must be nominated, is a case in point. On the same token as stated by the Minister, if a Minister wants to interfere  or politicians wants to enter university, let them get PhD and then join?!

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tonisa said...

A very strong point made by Prof Thimmappa on the politics of education. As far as political intertests motivate investment in education, ther will be no academic freedom