Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Poor Voter Turnout

In the just concluded BBMP Election for and in the Bangalore City, a very poor voter turn out is reported and all the three major contesting Parties are furious about it and have in fact blamed the Bangaloreans as lazy, unwilling to come out of their Sunday sojourns, would not care for democracy and democratic process, used to get what they want without voting or caring for People's Representatives, the affluent and the educated  do not need politicians and so on. I think they a have missed other vital reasons for not coming out to vote.

Firstly, these city bred educated lot have seen through it all. People's representatives, after they get elected, have looked after only themselves and their kit and kin and never bother for the good of the people and their locality. Hence, they say, why we should elect them to help make amass wealth for themselves. Yet, somebody do get elected however small a voting percentage may be and who knows the worse would have been elected which absentees participation in voting would have avoided such candidate. They have an answer for this too and that is the second point.

Where is the choice? All parties including the three major ones - BJP, Congress and JD(S) - are the same: corrupt, greedy, self seeking at the cost of good of the people and hence, whosoever we vote by going to the booths, it will be vote for worse candidate only. Even there is any minuscule exception, exception never make rules!

Surely, those reasons can not be valid excuses of an enlightened citizenry and yet the seventy years, especially of recent decade, of the way politics is shaped and moving, the enlightened citizenry is totally ignored and marginalized by the political goons nurturing goons!

Incidentally. I have voted, leaving home in the morning to the nearby booth where my name is listed and the mark is visible long and wide on the back of my right forefinger.

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