Monday, September 20, 2010


My answers to the questions asked by The New Indian Express – City Supplement – Expresso, published today.


What are your spiritual beliefs?

There is a force, subtler and all powerful, that runs the creation in an Order by the Law, which can be perceived and followed for the good of all. An ‘experience’ of connectedness of all that exist – living and non living – in unity and love, is the spiritual awakening, the spiritual way of being.

What is your understanding of God?

A Being, which is unlike any human intellect can possibly conceptualize as any amount of wording or applying thoughts would misrepresent and may even cause separation, division, strife and conflict with it. The Being cannot be conceived by any known name, form or gender and is beyond the mind too and, since all experiences are mind’s presentation, beyond experience too. However, the Being could be accessed going beyond mind and thoughts or by allowing mind to be quiet, and remain in the domain presented then, without wording and by allowing oneself to be carried in that state, as mystics would have it. We can ‘know’ God by effects.

What are your spiritual practices?

I have been practicing Meditation, half an hour twice daily, since the year 1973. It began as professional necessity as a practitioner of Mental Health, - it was considered as one of the ‘tool’ to alleviate mental suffering (stresses and strain), - and soon it became part of me as it opened a new dimension of being, of inner peace and joy.

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