Tuesday, April 17, 2012


Corruption is eating the vitals of our country. India is one of the most corrupt country in the world as per the yearly reports of corruption in different countries of the world by Transparency International. Nearly Rs.30, 000 crore per year is the calculated corruption money in the country. Corruption has become the bane in almost all walks of our life including the ones which should not brook even an iota of corruption - Health, Education, Judiciary - as it affects  generation of people irreversibly. Recently, we hear of corruptions of astronomical figures like the hundreds of thousand crore scam of 2G, Common Wealth Game, Adarsha Apartments, Army Supplies, Mining, Land Deals  and so on involving top ranking Ministers in the Government, Bureaucrats, Businessmen and Politicians. Only silver lining even in this tragic loot of the country was its expose by the media that created an awareness among the masses on the enormity of the malady. Alas, even that pride on the Indian Media is getting shattered now by the rampant corruption pervading the Media as well abetted by the same crooks in the politics-businessmen-bureaucracy nexus for their mutual, self seeking, benefit that is destroying the country. The gfilesindia revelations, especially its Southern, Karnataka Chapter spearheaded by Professor Harishchandra Bhat, is indeed shocking. I am told that an MLC heading a eight men group of the ruling Party, in a Bungalow near Race Course, regularly  distributes worth  more than a crore of rupees every month in packets  carried by twenty five  motorbike men every week  to the houses of media men in different part of the city, each packets may contain as high as Rs.700000 depending upon the stature of the Editors and Reporters  The link given below takes you to the expose: 

STATESCAN | Well-oiled breaking news

The beneficiary involve some of our best editors
 who write very prolifically, showing richness of their heart and head in their writing. It is indeed sickening to see such rotten beings in their inside taking such moral postures in public. Fence eating the crops has become a menacing malady in our country today. How can we ever believe in whatever such media people say from now on. Loss of Media credibility is the worst thing that can happen to  democracy in Independent India.


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Prof.B.Harishchandra Bhat said...

Thank you,Prof Thimmappaji.
I am blessed !
We will take this issue toits logical end with support from honest people like you and many others who have expressed concern about the state of affairs in media matters
B.Harishchandra Bhat