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Blog EntryOct 31, '07 9:48 AM
by Thimmappa for everyone
Explanation on the effect of Meditation.
Deep relaxation in the body and mind and consequent reduction in the stress related disorders,more efficient processing of cognitive functions including perception and memory ,expansion of consciousness including its higher reaches and its impact on human relations and social functioning are some of the general effects often reported by the practitioner of Meditation.How do we explain these effects?
Slowing down and even brief cessation of thoughts is one of the main reason behind the outcome of meditation.Thoughts reverberate continuously, ceaselessly in our mind and they are usually unreal as they are not related to any object or event out there in the present.Such thoughts trigger reactions in the body creating false alarms, questioning the fragile identity and taxing the autonomic nervous system.When thoughts are weakened in meditation mind is released from the incessant and redundent thoughts, it not only get rested but also opens up to other possibilities that are beyond thoughts,a sort of opening up to higher intelligence /wisdom for the first time thanks to the mind being freed from thoughts.
In fact one of the definition of Meditation states: Meditation is remaining in the space between thoughts.

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