Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Government and Doctors: Healers Unhealed.

Government and Doctors: Healers Unhealed.

It is one thing to say that quite a lot of medical doctors are irresponsible, corrupt and exploitative. It is entirely different when young doctors in Karnataka State are up against poor working condition and go on a strike demanding better amenities. Government ridiculed them. What is worse, when nearly three thousand doctors in the State were driven to desperation and tendered resignation enmasse as a month's notice to quit the job, the arrogant and insensitive Health Minister says, "let them go, we have alternative plan". A few patient died in the meantime without medical attention owing to the strike by doctors and Minister's attitude. What is the guarantee that the new doctors the Minister is going to hire would also be driven to desperation with the same kind of Government's attention they are getting? Besides, the government and the people would be losing the benefit of experienced doctors. Further, the enmity, ill will and negative attitude between Government and doctors would persist which works against the interest of both the party and the people. May be all that would take two to three years and by that time the term of the present Government end and the Minister would care less thereafter. This is the problem with majority of our politicians and the planning they undertake in the Government: they do not want to think beyond their term, five years, let alone people and the State at large for a long term welfare. For, projects that go beyond five years for fruition, as most of the worthwhile projects for people's benefit and welfare at large are, politicians are not interested as it would not count for their vote bank, to their credits and benefits. No wonder that our Roads, Power, Irrigation, Health, Education and what not Works would not last for more than five years, such is the quality of work they get it executed with large amount of pilferage that goes to where, how and why that we know!

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Professor Divakaran of MBMEngg.college JOdhpur. said...

My dear Praacharya Avaru,
As you rightly assert the politicians of all hues are restricting their vision to the next five years andno more. Amelioration of bad service conditions of doctors may take a decade or so even if a beginning is made now.
These politicos want to deal with doctors as though they were masons or daily labour. When a humane approach is missing solutions are not possible for problems of this kind.