Friday, June 26, 2015

Fast and Furious

Fast and Furious.
Corruption charges against anti-corruption bureau. Anti-corruption bureau orders enquiry against itself on the corruption charges by an agency whose corruption charges this anti-corruption bureau is investigating. Public are to believe that the enquiry would be fair and just. Years ago, a minister had ordered an enquiry on the charges against himself by his own department secretary. Forgetting for the moment the tragedy lurking in these instances, it is indeed hilarious.
AAP is yet another agency whose sole plank is anti corruption is itself riddled with corruption: a member was caught taking bribe to grant a seat to contest election; a minister is caught flaunting fake degrees; the deputy chief minister caught with over speeding vehicle and going even faster to avoid the police who noticed it, instead of stopping the vehicle, paying the fine and acting on his driver.
The centres meant to clean the society are dirtying it beyond redemption. Every crook and the criminal, rogues and rowdies, would be happily dreaming that they can get away with their even heinous crimes by bribing judges and ministers, officials and politicians, leaving the hapless and helpless victim suffering agonies.
Sociocultural values that binds and foster society have deteriorated 'fast and furious'.

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Professor Divakaran of JOdhpur. said...

Respected Praachrya Avaru,
The solution to this vexed problem of massive corruption leading to an almost Roman like decadence of Indian society seems to the Mao Tse Tung method of having open peoples courts and just shooting the accused persons in public. Furthermore all the property acquired by these persons evenby Benami must be seized by the High Courts and allotted to justly and honestly driven and functioning welfare oriented NGOs.
As you say this has become a Gilbert and Sullivan opera. We have the real dirty slime of our society leading us as legislators and sometimes even judges and bureaucrats.Signed by Dr. Subbanarasu Divakaran a friend and admirer of Prof.Thimmappa of Bengaluru.