Friday, June 24, 2016


Udta Punjab Film.

She (Alia Bhat), a Bihari migrant girl, is seen on the field. A packet of narcotic drug drops near her. She takes it, try to sell it and soon sensing its seriousness she throws the packet into the well. But her woes are not over. She was abducted by the owners of the drugs packet who had noticed her possession and disposal, attempts a gang rape and when resisted vehemently she was drugged and misused by the gang who even offer her to their protectors, the police. She was bound in their hideout. She manages an escape and starts running.

Tommy Singh (Shahid Kapoor), a DJ, a drug addict, who popularised drug intoxication in his pop singing has a huge following. Soon addiction affects his health and career badly, gives up addiction, attempts singing anti drug songs, booed and chased by the public, starts running.

Sartaj Singh ( Diljit Dosanjh), a corrupt Police Officer, who allows illegal drugs by taking bribes, realises that his own brother is a severe drug addict and got admitted after a over dose to a rehabilitation hospital looked after by Dr. Preet Sahani ( Kareena Kapoor), changes his track and join hands with the doctor to expose the racket, starts investigating by collecting documents and photos of underground drug business. Brother of the police officer Sartaj who was in the hospital manages an escape, Dr. Preet notices it and tries to stop him, scuffle ensues and he stabs her to death. Police arrive at the scene, notices documents of drug rackets collected by the doctor and the officer where many police higher ups and politicians are mentioned. When Sartaj, after all a junior officer, arrives, the police there thrash him and take him to a hideout to plan further action against him and his investigation report.

The other two, Alia and Shahid, who were running out of the drug ring, happen to run into the same place where police have brought Sartaj and immediately the drug racketeers chasing the two also converge on the same place. Encounter follows. Sartaj, Alia and Shahid manage to kill all of them - the police and the drug traffickers. 

Investigation report being exposed now, government announces an enquiry.

The above narration is made just to show that nowhere drugs are idolised or glamorised, in fact its evil, horror and harm is exposed almost side by side of its use. Even the politics is not made into any major issue as the malady is caused by all concerned including addicts, police, public and politicians - all shown in its natural and true colours. Only twice, that too for few seconds, politicians are touched upon where Sartaj unsuccessfully attempts to take a photo of an MLA in the underground drug lab and Store and on the second time when Sartaj mentions that it is difficult to handle as many higher ups in the police and politics are involved especially when the election is round the corner to which Dr. Preet suddenly gets a flash of an idea that election is the the one thing they are afraid of and we must make use of it. 

Alia Bhat has given an excellent performance, she is so totally consumed by her role that we hardly recognise her as we have seen her so far. Shahid Kapoor too has put up a spirited performance.

Udta Punjab is an exceptionally well made movie with a powerful grip on the technique of making a cinema. Its mix of light and shade, sound and silence and background score in general have been very evocative and interpretative of the theme depicted. Dead silence during pathos is chilling. Water and swimming scenes too are symbolical: rising to the surface of water when decided to quit drugs, floating under water when 'high' are the two examples of it. 

The film could refer to the drug malice in any state, it nowhere mentions that Punjab is the only or a worse state.  In fact, Bangalore is supposed to soon acquire the status of number one!

Director Abhishek Choubey and Producers Shobha and Ekta Kapoors have done a great job in so finely sculpting such a beautiful film.

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Tom Reid said...

Bollywood has rarely attempted to make any movie on any social cause. Even more rarely, they have made a GOOD movie on any social problematics. Honestly, I hoped that this film would be one of those rare gems. Mirage - the movie's quality decreases as we watch it closely. You can read more essays on from this source