Saturday, August 27, 2016

Culture as Main News: Refreshing Innovation by Vishwavani

 I was  pleasantly surprised to see this morning Vishwavani, a Kannada newspaper, devoting the whole issue to the works of ISKCON Akshayapatra Scheme where millions of school going children are fed everyday and the celebration of their two billion meals offered till date under the scheme.

The major news for the newspaper has always been the politics and we were used to read every morning the political events which are normally full of negatives. Rajaji ( C Rajagopalachari ) had once said that we wake up every morning to read crimes and evils of the world in newspaper and go to offices with bad state of mind. Instead, he suggested, that why cannot the papers be published in the evenings.

Social and cultural events hardly makes a headline, much less occupy the whole of newspaper as Vishwavani did today. The ISKCON work and the commemoration of an event today richly deserves our whole attention and appreciation, and the Vishwavani helped us to just do that. The studies have shown that offering one good, nutritious meal a day by Akshayapatra Scheme has shown improvements in children's attention and attendance in the class. Strong, healthy and intelligent people is a great asset in nation building.

Kudos to Sri. Vishweshwara Bhat, the Editor, and his team for giving us  such a refreshing treat this morning worthy of remembering, cherishing and even inspiring people to contribute their bit to the cause. Of course the usual "news" you have relegated to the secondary importance by putting them in Supplement. For once social and cultural development made not only the headline but all the lines in a newspaper.

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