Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Awakening Darkness!

Awakening Darkness !

A political naiveté, (naive inspite of heavy political surroundings for long years), who is also a Vice President of a National Party, made a statement other day in his Party Forum in Tamil Nadu that he is studying Upanishads to take on RSS and BJP and the Upanishads talk of equality which the RSS/BJP abhor. You cannot bank on Upanishads to counter as Upanishads are apolitical. Upanishads main concern is on Ultimate/Supreme Reality and Its relation to Life and World, and individual transformation; there is hardly any political thoughts and practices mentioned directly. The equality they talk of is of a totally different kind than found in the contemporary discourses, in the former it refers to the equality in the attainment of divinity and divine grace whereas in the latter it amounts to silting-up-some-and-hammer-down-some type, in practice, although different in its preaching.

He can find political thoughts and practices in umpteen number of other works such as, to name only the few, Ramayana(ayodhya kanda in particular), Mahabharata(Bhisma Parva), Vidura(viduraniti) Kautilya(Artha shastra), Manu(dharmashastra) and so on. He could do well to go through them, adapt them to suit present condition and work on the welfare of people and society as well on his own transformation using those thoughts and practices rather than take on somebody with it. Himself and his Party will again have a bright future if he does so.