Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Bridges of Wellness on the Eastern Way!

Happiness of the soul,senses and mind results in health and the way to get it is to work for the happiness of others said sage Charaka, an ancient practitioner of Medicine in India. Education, Self Realisation and Service are the ways to attain such happiness/wellness. Development of the resources of body,mind and soul and, understanding of both spiritual and material-visible and invisible,manifest and unmanifest-aspects of reality is the goal of education. Practices for the access of both the component of reality and in the process discover one's uniqueness and position in the universal scheme of things is self realisation. Dedicating oneself to the happiness of others who need rather than indulge in self gratification is service which is the foundation for prosperity with peace.

Every being is connected with everythingelse-living and nonliving-in the world. Experiencing the unity of beings and nurturing these bonds nurtures the self better in a lasting way. Separation from the unity is the cause of misery. Aim of Psychological Counselling and Psychotherapy is to reestablish the connectedness of beings, help discover one's potentialities and position and, empower the client to relate to the world around in service. This Eastern way is well illustrated in scriptures such as Vedas and Upanishads, Bhagavadgita and Yoga.

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