Monday, June 11, 2007

Ecstacy,Orgasm and Peak Experiences

Abraham Maslow,Psychologist,spoke of Peak Experience wherein the individual feels intense delight being in top of the world,loosing one's identity and merging with the Whole. This experience is more frequent during early childhood, he said,and gradually tappers off by the time he enters 9th year especially when sex typing by the society occurs. The experience is in fact similar to the mutually/simultaneously enjoyed sexual orgasm, "drug"/alcohol induced state and spiritual/Meditative experiences as well! It all points to show that there exist in the being a state- an altered state of consciousness, a fourth state(after waking,sleeping and dreaming) which is highly growth promoting and resulting in a different perception of self and the world ,a more holistic,realistic and all embracing view contributing to greater effectiveness.

Our Education must involve all these. Spirituality is too serious and mundane 'affair' to be left alone to religious people to develop!

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