Thursday, May 1, 2008

Vote You Must

Yet another election has come in the State of Karnataka, yet another opportunity to vote and yet another let down for the people of the State? There is a general waning of enthusiasm especially among the intelligentsia that is turning almost cynical. Look at the corruption in public offices, rampant casteism and social inequality that is eating the vitals of the country, they say. Are they not the biggest blot on the progress achieved so far, and the progress can not be attributed to the efforts of our elected representative either. They get elected and , most of them, to make wealth for themselves and their kin. Look at the their own statement of declaration of their assets, it has increased from hundreds to thousands of percent ever since they occupied the political position. Even the best of people or party we thought we have elected earlier were not better subsequently, they were also involved in the same task of using public office for their private profit. Most of the present contestant and aspirants are so poor in quality,- what with rowdies, real estate owners, 'filthy' rich people and people with criminal records canvassing with armed guards - that it is indeed disheartening. Why is this exercise of voting, why should we indulge in such futility. This is the song of many young, bright and educated people that I have heard of late. Yet, what is the alternative? Suffer the crooks or wait for a saviour like Mahatma Gandhi or a avatar?

Mahatmas, great souls,are often a symptom, an expression of the raising consciousness of the people at large. Our awareness of the malady should percolate into action and make that consciousness work. We must vote and monitor those representative to get the change that we want through the people we have elected. Otherwise, crooked people get elected as there is a greater chance of they getting elected if we do not vote and thereby we get marginalised even more. Choose the best or the least worst among the candidates contesting and vote. Better still, get few people in the constituency, arrive at a consensus on the most urgent and immediate needs of the area and present to and get a commitment from the contestants on resolving those problems when elected and say that it will be monitored. Vigilance is the price of democracy and when maintained constantly, it pays rich dividend. There is no end to take fresher and fresher initiative for the good of self and society. Let us take yet another initiative this time in voting the right candidate

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