Saturday, July 26, 2008

Reflections on People Behind To-day's News

Terror attacks in Bangalore yesterday is reported in today News Papers. Such attacks have been happening in different part of the country in the last five years. Hardly any culprit is booked and even booked, none punished so far.Terrorist find safe to continue their activity in India! Politics is eating away the truth and good of people and society. The leaders of all political parties react in a predictable way without making any effort at an honest search for truth lest it hurt their party's interest.

H.D Devegowda
, JDS supremo and former Prime Minister says, while appealing for peace, that anti-socials are there in all communities and hence should not accuse any one. He could have waited and found out who is involved. Instead he wants to preempt the possible blame to such people of a community because he is nurturing them as vote bank. Thereby,he exposed his filthy mind and evil designs! P.R.Ramesh a Congress leader and a former Mayor of Bangalore city has even more queer remark to make. He says the attack is done by the ruling BJP to stall the BBMP, the City Council, Election as the attack is in the area where Congress
has a hold! Is this the way to show concern for the heinous attacks on people, much less earnestly expose and punish the guilty.

Crime not punished immediately and harshly perpetuates crime even harder.Self-interest of leaders and their party is destroying the fabric of Indian society.
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