Tuesday, July 29, 2008

India Pledged!

Dr. Manmohan Singh, India's Prime Minister has sold the honor and freedom of the Country, a traitor who betrayed the Nation, cried many who opposed the Nuclear deal with USA. Dr. Singh is a great academician, did so much to usher in new and fresh impetus to the development of India in the 1990's would not have bargained for such a credit. I was one of those who supported the deal in one of my writing in the very same blog site. I had accused, then, the Left who were opposed to the deal as practicing outmoded ideology, holding power in a few states by deviant means and are coming the way of India's development with an ulterior, sinister, motive. I thought the Left is hobnobbing with China to clinch the deal. I had severe reservation about modern, resurgent China and the way they are competing in the market with cheap goods having weak material that may even harmful to health in the long run.

Energy is vital to development and we are owe fully short of it having relied only on hydroelectric and thermal source .In a fast developing country as India now, the shortage would hamper the pace and may even retrograde. Hence, I was excited about the new prospect of deal with USA in this regard. My understanding was that we would get continuous supply of nuclear material for energy production besides being in the comity of developed nation for mutual exchange of resources.Dependence and Independence both are not a viable option in the present times. We must tag on to Interdependence for mutual support and growth.

Yet, as the facts unfolded in the subsequent days and the suspicious manner with which Indian Government went ahead with the deal cast ominous aspersion on the whole affair.

The 123 Agreement was made to feel by Dr Man Mohan Singh and his team that it is applicable to only USA, it is their internal policy, is now found to be a lie perpetuated on Indian people as the whole deal is administered through that Atomic Power Act Section 123 of the USA. Accordingly, although continuous supply of fuel is assured, it is conditional to we revealing 14 of the 21Power plants that we have to International Atomic Power Organization the high security and secret information on the production and distribution which hitherto a top secret. This puts the country in serious danger for which Dr.Singh and his cronies become responsible. What is more and worse, all our nuclear plants will be subjected to inspection and scan from International Agencies. Further, we can not produce any nuclear weapons or conduct nuclear test. It destroys our freedom and sovereignty in one go. If the Agreement is broken, all the supply will be stopped but the right to scan our installation is retained! Present Indian Government will be responsible for such a treachery , betrayal of Nation and for the secret maneuver and sinister dealings against ones own country. Dr. Man Mohan Singh has become, for the reason best known to him and his boss Mrs. Sonia Gandhi, a traitor.

It is a tragedy that all this bravado is exhibited by the Government at a time it is known that we have all the raw material such as uranium, plutonium, thorium available in plenty in our own land and along with harnessing the enormous solar power available and with interlinking of rivers even more abundant capacity gets generated that are environmental friendly and costs half the thousands of crores less than spent on nuclear energy. Further, the problem of nuclear waste disposal that costs much, much more than installation will also be looming large as USA itself is facing it right now with great risk and hazard to environment and life.

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