Thursday, February 4, 2010


Corruption in Indian Higher education

Vice Chancellor of Bangalore University states, as reported in this morning News papers, that BU is short of funds and it may not be able even to pay salary after two months. However, it is denied by its own Registrar, Whatever the tragic feud between the two, the financial health of the University appears in bad condition. BU, not long ago was in a very robust health financially and in fact it was the richest University among General Education providers in Karnataka, what with Rs. 50 crores in reserve in addition to a fully adequate Pension Fund.This was made possible in spite of huge infrastructural development activities such as construction of more than ten custom made building for several department of studies, guest house, hostels and so on. It is a pity that not only no further development has taken place but also even the tailor made department structures are being used for the purpose other than what it is meant for, thereby disregarding the unanimous decision of the earlier Syndicate, Academic Council, Finance Committee, Works Committee and the aspiration of academicians to provide quality education to the students in the new and relevant space. No wonder that such autocratic, authoritarian, nonacademic insensitive and inhuman dispensations have resulted in such a state of affairs to day. It is time that the higher authorities take stock of the situation, call for accountability and stem the rot in the bud itself at once

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