Sunday, February 28, 2010


I saw the movie 3Idiots(Hindi) and Avatar(English 3D) both in the last week after nearly three decades of not watching cinema in theaters, having seen every week a film in the three decades prior to that gap! Idiots titillated to strike a message that I have been sharing in different platform since decades: each one is unique, discover it, develop it and be it, relating with it to life and living, that is the way for peace, love and prosperity, the way for good of self and(along with) others.

Avatar is an awesome and stunning movie, striking fiercely at the imperialism, greed and rape of Nature and Culture, bringing in its wake a poignant portrayal of what it feels like living in tune with Nature, being connected to all that exist - living and non living - in relation with animals and plants, communing and cooperating with them in living. Film is a technological marvel of movie making, more brilliant than his ( J. Cameron ) Titanic. A breathtaking view of war and peace in space, of living roofless, in commune without walls!

If 3Idiots depicts in lovely humor the essence that sustains and enlivens life at the microcosm, Avatar evokes the same at the macrocosm. I thoroughly enjoyed watching them, thanks to my friend and their family who arranged and made me a part of them.

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