Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Literature, Culture and Society

Salient points of the talk in Kannada delivered at Karkala Sahitya Sangha on 2nd October evening.

1. Written communication ( including all types of literature, science and art ) is the only feature that uniquely distinguish human from animal and it is this function that create, preserve and propagate culture in and across generations.

2. Generally, the art and culture evolve to satisfy the needs of the people and society such as need for food, shelter and clothing; love and affection; status and recognition; and self expression/actualization. Such a culture lead to consumerism and the aggrandizement of the ego.

3. Exploration of the inner potentialities and possibilities irrespective of their personal or social utility and regard have always enriched the culture depending on the social support it gets. Yet, it too is not free of selfishness, possessiveness and self aggrandizement at the cost of separation/isolation from the larger reality that nurtures beings.

4. People and the culture that strives to dovetail itself to the larger, holistic, reality that take cares of all beings that exist in mutual love and succor is the one that is free of self destructive consumerism, possessive and isolating egoism that harms the very Nature that sustains us and will be the one that can bring lasting peace and prosperity.


H.S.Vinay Deepak. said...

I am disappointed that Science dont find a mention at all

Prof.M.S.Thimmappa said...

Literature meant scientific literature too that moulded modern culture and I had extensively quoted from science while lecturing