Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Bhardwaj: A stink from Trivandrum to Rome

Bhardwaj: A stink from Trivandrum to Rome.

 Honorable chancellor showed yet again a disgraceful behavior. A fellow who was almost got a judicial pronouncement of his criminality (lying his class marks, lying about his research competence, lying about positions held) has been given one-year extension.

Often Universities are run with the support of crooked and criminal minded nominated syndicate members, imagine what would such vice chancellor do if 12 more months of extension is given. Chancellor if he is honest could have reconstituted the Committee and appointed a new vice chancellor with in three weeks on a war footing. The madam down to her team in the Central, thinks that the stink is actually an aroma contributed by the riches in the offices he held, it is pathological; and the treatment is available.

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