Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Save the University, Harm the Students!

Bifurcation of Bangalore University is in the cauldron. University today has 688 affiliated colleges besides nearly 50 Post graduate Departments and with more than 3.75 lakh students in all. The bifurcation of the University was mooted in the late 1990's when it has little over 300 colleges and around 3 lakh (three hundred thousand) students.The reason for bifurcation proposal is straight, simple and quite obvious: the large number delays announcement of results, the hurry often results in too many mistakes, delays rectification of mistakes and becomes a fertile ground for malpractices and corruption of the highest magnitude. For instance, the scripts of English Language alone runs into lakhs in Bangalore University and as the teacher gets hardly few weeks of vacation in between the semester to value those scripts it is a herculean task to finish valuation on time; and add to the owe there is nearly 50% of the sanctioned post of teachers are lying vacant. The time required to value those scripts with limited qualified teachers for valuation is woefully short and no wonder the teachers are hard pressed to complete valuation and announce the result where often such hurry results in mistakes in valuation and writing of marks card. The students has to run from pillar to post to get the mistakes rectified and with a large number,the mistakes won't get corrected even after one or even two semester gone by. Further, the large number would be a field day for the crooks to make huge amount of corrupt money as what is levied for one student (to get their marks inflated in league with corrupt valuators/custodians and other officials)  gets multiplied by lakhs of student in a large University whereas in a smaller University it  multiplies only in hundreds and as such not so attractive to the malpractitioner. It is even surmised that it is these crooks/ corrupt middlemen who are working hard behind the scene to see that the University is not bifurcated lest they loose their lucrative business. Hence, if one makes a claim as Head of State made,  that the Bangalore University is saved and kept intact, it is at the cost of unbearable hardship to the vast majority of its students as well as to the quality of education and the credibility of the Institution.

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Professor Divakaran of JOdhpur. said...

I agree with you, Praacharya Avaru, Hundreds of colleges affiliated to the Universities makes the whole situation a bad joke. If one had the resources and the facilities as the UPSC has for its examinations, fairness could be guaranteed. Many Univesities even struggle to meet their non Plan committments..Let there be more Universities with a limited number of institutions affiliated to it.The quality , then could be guaranteed.
My feeling is that the recent poor performance of young engineers from the colleges in TAmil Nadu, Karntaka and Andhra, is proof of the deterioration caused by the mushroom growth of engineering andmedical colleges, with the apprent collusion of the approving authorities,as these great institutions are ,mostly, run by the political bigwigs ineach state.Divakaran.