Sunday, August 30, 2015

Heinous Murder of a Professor

Professor M M Kalburgi's Murder: Assault on the highest of Science and Culture.
It is shocking, renowned Professor Kalburgi (77), former Vice Chancellor of Hampi Kannada University, great scholar, extraordinary researcher of high order, teacher, cultural activist and a very amicable person is no more. He was killed by gun shots by two young men who came to his house in Dharwad this morning under the garb of Kalburgi's student. There is no personal or family disputes as may be the cause for killing him we are told. Obviously, his ideological differences emanating from his research with the traditional perception of things on which he was fearlessly outspoken could be the reason. If so, it is indeed a threat to every honest truth seeker and speaking on it frankly and forcefully. Culture and humanity and its growth toward truthful living is in danger. While offering condolences to the bereaved family and praying for the safe passage, sadgati, to his soul, I wish the culprit is brought to book soon and punished severely for the sake of honest life and culture. A sick and sinful mind has killed him, such people should not have any place in society.

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