Friday, September 11, 2015

World is a Great Magic!

Universe is a Great Magic
क इन्द्रजालायते?
What is the great magic?
This whole universe.
(- Prasnottaramalika by Sankaracharya)
A High Court Judge refers to a principle that if the income exceeds upto 10% from the known source of income it could be exempted and thereby he releases a criminal as not criminal ( although a designated Court had held guilty after 15 years of trial) but in actual fact the High Court Judge made an error in adding the sum and if corrected income exceeds by 80%+ and yet it cannot be corrected by him and reverse his judgement ; what is worse, when it went to the Supreme Court even there the addition error is not corrected so easily and convict the criminal, error is not even a major issue and now the proceeding would go on all over again by going through tens and thousands of pages of documents taking yet another scores of years! What a magic!
A party gets a simple majority by winning 100 seats in a 198 seats BBMP Council and one would think that the party would form the new Council. No no, in actual fact the non elected members to the Council such as local MPs, MLAs,and MLCs also are members having voting rights (Karnataka Municipal Act 1974), and that would need 131 to get majority where the Party which won the election has only 128, although it is not the case in other Local Bodies such as Village and Taluk Panchayats. All those elected and non-elected other than the one which won the election to the Council would get majority and would rule the Council; and this is also democracy. What a magic indeed!
Either way the citizen may not get much difference is a different issue!
It is for nothing that the great Adi Shankaracharya has said that world is a great magic!

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