Saturday, October 3, 2015

Works of Rhonda Byrne

Four marvellous books by Rhonda Byrne that applies wisdom across the age to the peace and prosperity in today's living. The Secret (2006) enunciates the Law of Attraction where positive thoughts with corresponding feelings and action attract similar forces from the Universe and the negative attract the negative circumstances in life. The Power (2010) illustrates the power of Love. The Magic (2012) demonstrate the 'miracle' of Gratitude with a 28 days of different workouts and exercises to ingrain it. The Hero (2013) draws 12 living 'heros' from different countries - G M Rao from India/Bangalore - who inspite of excruciating circumstances such as utter poverty, disability and negativity around rose to dizzy heights that again illustrating all the 'principles' enunciated in earlier work operating in 'heros' life

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