Friday, June 4, 2010

Message on the occasion of first death anniversary of S. Krishnamurthy

Revered S. Krishnamurthy was a spiritually awakened person who spent his lifetime in helping people without any distinction of caste, creed and gender in getting access to their spiritual nature. He conducted classes and workshops on the principles and practices of Meditation, wrote on his own experiences with it, arranged public lectures, held periodical retreats and celebrated the achievements in the field – all with such regularity, discipline and with free of cost to participants, every week, decades after decades, that people not only felt safe and secured while participating in his pursuit but benefited immensely too.
His writings, sharing his thoughts and experiences, were full of scintillating clarity, deep and vast experiences illustrating the possibilities of the inner domain, reflecting the profound wisdom of the sages and, inspiration to the readers to embark on the journey. All his books are a refreshing treat to the spiritual aspirant.
A very tall man, dressed in majestic white apparel, conducted himself with such grace, erudition and humility that it was uplifting to anyone who came in contact with him, to behold him, to be with him and experience the soothing balm to oneself.
It is indeed my privilege to have spent some time with him and the group he used to gather sharing thoughts and experiences and they are some of the profound moments of my life.  His openness to people and genuine interest in their development is global in reach and proportion. May he be a beacon of light to all those who know him and read his works.