Tuesday, July 10, 2012


BJP and Karnataka

B.S.Yedyurappa, the first Chief Minister of the first BJP Government in Karnataka State was forced to resign after Ombudsman, Lokayukta, indicted him with charges of corruption, favoritism and nepotism as he seem to have de-reserved the government land to distribute to his kith and kin for a song, took bribes to grant mining licenses and so on. He was jailed for months, came out on bail and is still continuing to seek anticipatory bails for the charges that are being leveled against him on other similar charges even now. When the successor to him was to be appointed as Chief Minister, he insisted that his own men should be installed to the post and the BJP  High Command yielded , notwithstanding the demands of the propriety that running the writ of  tainted and accused would damage the Party. However, the successor D.V.Sadananda Gowda, had a better sense, did not tow the line of BSY as that would have ruined the Party and the State beyond repair and went about reconstructing with proper governance which was not to the liking and benefit  of BSY and his henchmen. BSY organised a revolt with the connivance of the similar elements in his caste group including support by some of his religious leaders, insisted that his own trusted men be installed to the post succeeding DV. Again, BJP High Command yielded and agreed to install Jagadish Shettar. Shettar is being installed not because of his merit, not even merely because he is Lingayat, a dominant community which is supporting BSY's BJP government in the State, but because he is BSY man of Lingayat. Who is this BSY's BJP men Lingayats in the State?- majority of them are tainted like him, and the High Command yields to them. It is an insult to Lingayats themselves that such men are brandied as their leaders. It is an insult to the people of the State that they are made to endure such people as the only available leaders. It is an insult BJP too that its wisdom can can find and put up with only such crooks. The worst kind of caste politics is being played in Karnataka today and the National Party like BJP becomes privy to it.

 Leadership lies not in playing along with the baser elements in society like caste and community divides, asocial activities and electoral gains. Enlightened leadership lies in rising above such consideration and guide the people and the Party to move on higher planes that are in them that would contribute to peoples empowerment and progress. Instead, if we call such baser barbaric elements as 'reality', 'practicality', 'pragmatism', 'the way things are', and go along with it,  we are doomed to remain barbaric only.

There is no wonder that in spite of such a sorry state of affairs in BJP, it may still be get elected next time primarily because the other Parties are no better, they too are riddled with the same malady. People have no options, each alternative available is worse than the other and they keep changing every five years after five years hoping that the other one they had defeated last time would have learnt a lesson and would fare better this time, but to be disappointed again!  Quo Vadis?


votingpad said...

Yes sir...Bjp might get back just because other options are not looking brighter...but then the sorry state of af affairs shall get worse.(hope we have seen the worst)lets hope for the best.
I have shifted from a windows based laptop to Mac...just realised in the bottom of my keyboard lies four keys fn (function),control,option/alt,command.
The whole issue can be sorted out by pressing the right button or the way we look at it...either from left to right (fn - command)or vice versa.function better ...control themselves...keep alternatives/options and then command.
Girish Krishnaiah.

Prof.M.S.Thimmappa said...

Agreed. Interesting analogy with Mac; I have no experience with Mac, may be I will go for it next!