Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Looking Through the Glasses!

Looking Through the Lenses!
Seeing letter double and the distant object hazy for the last year and a half or so, now at 69, decided that I may need other than my present reading glasses which I am using since more than twenty years, and went to a ‘super specialty high tech’ eye care hospital. It was a cataract, on both the eyes. Operation was on 28 June 2012 afternoon, a matter of five minutes each, although preparation took nearly an hour. A very neat job done indeed. Only a tiny local anesthesia, fully aware and watching the show in the eyes, what with dazzlingly brilliant light, a few dark patches getting removed, yellow light intervene briefly, dark with tiny speck of brilliant red dots ensued and finally ended up with fantastically bright fully crystal snowy white all over the inside eyes with a two smaller hallowed white ball one around the other at the center emanating dazzling sun yet with a mellowed assurance. What a fantastic site it was, Never felt anything entering my eyes to repair! Dark glasses were put immediately after the operation and you are ready to go home,
walk and talk straight away. Twenty four hours later you are into to reading, writing and computing.  Dark glasses are however to be worn non stop including during sleep for next 48 hours. 
The ease and comfort with which operation was done, knife less, drug less and painless, bloodless surgery performed, hassel free postoperative care, the accuracy, perfection,  thoroughness and the effectiveness of the whole procedure was amazing. One marvels at the technology available today for the quality of human welfare.
Lo! World do not look the same anymore! Be it a TV screen, print material or the surrounding people object and environment have become high definition(HD), bright and distinct with clarity and a strangely evocative. World is looked now through the man made lenses, not the gene made lenses!

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