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by Thimmappa for everyone
People I have begun with.
My father M.T.Suryanarayana Rao, was a highly orthodox in religion, used to conduct worship, puja, three times a day, each time after a bath. He was associated with a great sage, Sridhara Swami, with whom he used to travel all over the Country, keeping away from home weeks and months together. He had very little time to look after family affairs of tendering the areca garden and paddy fields. His younger brother, my uncle, M. T. Govindappa, used to take care of all the agriculture part as he was well versed in it too. He was a very short tempered man, used to shout and threaten workers as well as family members. It had become his managerial style and often used to get things that way fairly efficiently. My mother, I was told by my father, was a great pious and noble lady, " used to recite  Bhagavadgita in toto by heart". She died when I was about five year old leaving me and my four year old sister. She died during delivery of her third child, that child also did not survive long. We grew with my grandmother's care who was my father's step mother as my grand father had married second time after his first wife died. My father too married second time after the death of my mother as " he was too young not to marry ". During the vacation we used to go to my mother's place as my maternal grandmother, a widow herself, was deeply attached to me; she used to manage the affairs all by herself. Family upheavals, men preoccupied with their business of lifting themselves to past, pre-partition status, my young step mother having problems of adjusting to a joint family system, our care taken by widowed but harassed ladies - all perhaps contributed greatly to a feeling of an orphan. I was a highly sensitive, labile person  during my childhood feeling bit scared and insecure.  

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