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Blog EntryNov 5, '08 6:47 AM
by Thimmappa for everyone
Taking Charge of Self!

The joint family was in a state of turmoil being in the process of rebuilding itself after the partition. Family wanted me to stop education after school and remain in home to assist them, I being the eldest son. Schooling, studying living in outside home most of the time has already kindled a vision of a new world for me. I wanted to pursue my college studies and not to get 'messed' up in the agriculture at home. I took the case to my brother-in-law. He was a wealthy man but being the only child could not pursue higher education after his father's death. He could empathize  with me easily and convinced my father to permit me for higher studies, financial constraint not withstanding as brother-in-law would chip in too in this regard. And how well he did, I can never forget.

I joined the first grade college in Shimoga for my Pre University studies in 1957, stayed in a private hostel there. Wanted to take up medical practice but did not get seat in science combination in the first list. On my return dejected and yet hoping success in the second list, I chanced upon a booklet on the pavement shop entitled manovishleshana shastra / Psychoanalysis by Prof. Narayanashastri. It shook me deeply. I never knew a subject called Psychology existed. What is more, I have haunted by a case of Possession phenomenon in the family and several sleepless night I had spent in fright imagining it. Here is a book that unravels the mystery for me, calls it Hysteria, analyses its causes and assures cures. A big weight of fear had fallen from me to realize that ghosts do not exist! Mu future was carved right there, it has to be Psychology. I never bother to look up the second list for science combination. Psychology belonged to Arts stream then. I opted for History, Economics and Logic combination to enable me to take up Psychology for my degree. I felt alone in the decision and yet responsible for myself out of my choice. Perhaps, the bug of 'freedom' started biting me since then

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