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by Thimmappa for everyone
Silencing the mind,being in a thoughtless state or enhancing the interval between two thoughts reflecting in behaviour as calm and collected is the essence of Meditation.How is it achieved?Let us take one of the very classical view.The system,human being, consists of body,mind and intellect and a methodology should be such that the activities in all these three components is reduced to the very basic minimum.Accordingly, there are techniques to subdue the body such as various asanas and pranayama,physical exercises such as postures and deep breathing. Mind is subdued by pratyahara and dhyana,withdrawl of sensory activities to inward and meditation.Intellect is quietened by dharana, a focusing.
It may be considered from yet another angle also, which may be more evocative.The Soul is covered with five sheaths,pancha kosha,and they must be matured and harnessed and the yogic techniques can attain that:
    Koshas                                                             Training Techniques
1.Annamaya kosha         Body Sheath                  Asana
2.Pranamaya kosha       Breath Sheath                Pranayam
3.Manomaya kosha        Mind Sheath                  Japa / Dhyana 
4.Vijnanamaya kosha    Intellect Sheath             Trataka/Dharana 
5.Anandamaya kosha     Bliss Sheath                  Experience of divinity

Any meditation technique must address to the quietening of the three component of the human system,a posture to relax the body,a chanting of a sound to quieten the mind and a vision to hold on to tame the intellect.However,some suggest that producing sacred vibrations of sound within,mantra/japa,can produce eventually the quietening of other components of the system and hence prescribe only meditation with a repetition of the sacred sound.

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