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Blog EntryOct 31, '07 9:48 AM
by Thimmappa for everyone
Autobiography.              1. INTRODUCTION.
Year 2006. I was in my 64th year of age when I completed my tenure as Vice chancellor of Bangalore University and retired from Service. Many friends asked me to write story of my life. They wanted me to put out my experience as a dramatist during my childhood, as clinical psychologist, as teacher for more than thirty years, as activist in teachers' movement, as writer, as Registrar and later as Vice Chancellor of one of the biggest university in the Country and also, as a spiritual practitioner. Yet it was not enough of a motivation for me to write as they are all past, what use in beating up a dead horse, I thought.
Days passed by and with greater leisure and peace,  mind frequently moved to the past, not as reverie, not to fill the being, but there was a pull from the places, people and events as if they all wanted to speak to me, to complete the interaction of which I had missed then out of my focus on my assumed pursuits. I am feeling that the forest I passed through often during my childhood, the rivers I crossed, the animals I tended to, the people I was surrounded and many more happenings there was something that was there for me I have missed getting it owing to my preoccupation. I have decided to go back mentally there and gauze with all my silence, surrender and humility, and with an apologetic mode for not being total then to imbibe all that was there.
I do not know what 'they' are going to tell me now, I only 'know' that I have been 'called'. The narration to come is the discovery during my re visit.

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